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Ice Fisheree Prize Winners Clean Up at Palo!

WW’s Mike Ganzeveld and Gary Speicher came off the ice at Pleasant Creek Lake, just north of Palo, IA, to join in the awards and prize ceremoney at the shelterhouse Sunday, February 13, 2011. “We shot a little video of the 30th Annual Cedar Rapids Bassmasters Ice Fisheree for Walleye Wisdom Watchers,” Mike reported. “I…

Ever catch a 2.5 pound crappie?

Kens huge crappie

Ken Thyrod did yesterday here in Cedar Rapids fishing a slip-bobber and a minnow.  Ken stopped by the local Gander Mountain store to show off his catch so I shot some video.  Ken plans on having the fish mounted and I don’t blame him.  It’s one of the largest crappie I have seen.  Congratulations, Ken!

The evolution of the pike.

“Only the strong survive” is the usual saying but more often than not the most cunning have the upper hand. I was once told many years ago by a wise, old fisherman that the largest fish are generally the smartest. The rationale was that the more intelligent a fish is the less likely it is…

Something for the weekend.

First off; a big apology for the recent dearth in posting. I returned from Lac Seul to find that my internet connection was on the fritz and it took quite some time to get Walleye Wisdom headquarters back online. Furthermore, a few software “updates” I made ultimately went dodgy but after a string of late-night…