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Day Six On Lake Erie With the Walleye Wisdom Crew.

Minus me, of course (somebody’s gotta sit at home and post all of this exciting content!), but Ed Mroz, Glenn Vinton, Gary Speicher, Ryan Heuer and Tracy Hayward report on their sixth day of pre-fishing Lake Erie in preparation for the FLW Port Clint buy cialis on tournament. Also, Ed Mroz shows off some of…

First Day Out On Lake Erie!

Port Clinton Lake Erie Walleye

The FLW Lake Erie tournament is being held at Port Clinton, OH this year so it’s time for a little pre-fishing before the official start on May 10th. Looking at the pictures it would appear that they’re having a little bit of luck! The spawn was ea generic cialis online rly this year so the…

The Tournament Is Underway!

Lake Oahe Walleye

Got some great new videos of Gary Speicher and Tracy Hayward up on Lake Oahe preparing for the 2011 FLW National Guard Tournament. cialis online Check out the video page to view them! Gary is boat number 107 and you can keep checking back to WW for tournament updates.

Huge Lake Oahe Walleyes!

Gary and cialis sale uk co-angler Tracy Hayward are fishing on Lake Oahe in South Dakota this week in preparation for the National Guard FLW Walleye Tournament that is going to be held there. We’ve already posted a few videos about it so you should go check them out. Gary tells me that the weather…

More Lake Erie Pre-Fishing Success!


Walleye Wisdom editor and Ranger Evinrude pro Gary Speicher has been having continued success on Lake Erie this week. Above you can see a picture of Gary’s co-angler Tracy Hayward holding a nice walleye caught while pre-fishing before the upcoming National Guard FLW tournament. The boys have also been shooting a lot of good video…

Getting The Ranger Ready for Port Clinton!

Tracy Hayward gets busted by the DNR

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources introduced themselves to FLW hopeful Gary Speicher and his co-angler Tracy Hayward today on the banks of Lake Erie. The DNR regularly checks boaters for safety equipment to make sure that flare guns and fire extinguishers are up to date and that the boat includes enough PFDs for everyone.…

Tracy Hayward talks Nestor Falls crappie

Nestor Falls crappie and walleye

Did you ever fish a spot that surpassed what you have been told about it? We were fishing out of Young’s camp outside of Nestor Falls, Canada on the Lake of the Woods for crappie and walleye. Wednesday’s weather allowed us to make the hour run to just that kind of spot. (The Elbow) Known…