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Sorry for the outage.

Those who follow Walleye Wisdom would no doubt have noticed the outage over the past couple of days. The problem has been solved and we’re cialis buy “back on the air” as they used to say. Gary is still up on Little Bay de Noc and we’ll have plenty of videos and pics to show…

Ty Larson and Reg Schmidt On Little Bay de Noc!

Walleye Wisdom anglers Ty Larson and Reg Schmidt fished Little Bay de Noc November 25-27 of 2012 around the same time the Walleye Wisdom viagra online pharmacy crew was there. Nothing like fishing for walleye in the Upper Peninsula snow! Thanks for the contribution, guys! generic cialis without prescription

New Videos Featuring Joe Okada and Steve Miljat.

Uploaded a couple new videos featuring Joe Okada viagra canadian pharmacy and Steve Miljat on our Video Page. Both are professional guides, seasoned tournament anglers and a couple of great guys and Gary wa buy viagra s lucky enough to catch up with them prior to their recent outing on Little Bay de Noc.

Little Bay de Noc 2010 Photos!

Matt Speicher with a couple Bay de Noc walleyes.

Here are a few photos that we took during our 2010 adventure to the might waters of Little Bay de Noc. All of the fish were caught at night using planer boards pulling Reef Runners on the reefs. The weather was adverse but the fishing was nothing short of spectacular.