Thanks, Mike!

Ellen and Mike were in my office today to help finalize thoughts on how to make this site more attractive to visitors and more effective in sharing tips and tricks for catching more walleyes in 2010!  Please come back and watch for further improvements and the latest video from Chris Burns’ presentation at the Davenport…

Coming Soon

My good friend, Chris Burns, will soon be posting his comments about professional walleye fishing.  Thanks for looking and keep coming back!

Getting Ready for a New Tournament Season!

Goodbye snow and ice….hello, open water fishing!  Yes, the snow’s about gone here in Eastern Iowa from the past week’s warmer temps and the light rains.   The “itch” to get the boat out of the shed is there and walleye anglers are talking about finding a decent ramp and water to make sure the equipment…

Walleyes right off the dock.

You don’t always have to venture far to catch big walleyes. As you can see, this walleye was taken just off shore. Hungry, opportunistic walleyes will concentrate around any type of structure that attracts bait fish regardless of whether it is man-made or naturally occurring. Docks provide a current break that attracts these bait fish…

Lake shot

Beautiful lake shot from Lac Seul. Expect more pics like this when the gallery opens. Walleye Wisdom readers will be able to log in and post their own pictures as well as comment and rate the pictures of others.