Lake Erie Fishing Report: May 13-19

Lake Erie–when she’s good, she’s really, really good…when she’s bad, she’s really, really bad! Our fishing week started out Saturday, May 13th, when Tom, Tracy, and I put the Ranger 620 in the water at the Mazurik boat ramp and headed to the east side of Kelly’s Island. We caught four nice ones and came in to park the boat at a slip rented at our lodging, Little Ted’s Cottages. Jim, Bob, and Doug–the Canadians–left their boat in front of the cottage. Chris, Matt, Justin, and Adam came from Chicago with Chris’s Lund Tyee and put the boat in a slip. Tom stayed through Monday night and then headed back to Chicago while Doug stayed through Tuesday before heading back to Sault Ste Marie. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were all good days on the water. Most of our fish came from the east side of Kelly’s Island working the 30-40 foot depths. How did we catch them? Pulling Bandits deep by running a one ounce snap weight 20 feet behind the bait and another 80 or 100 feet to the board. There were many anglers pulling crawler harnesses finding good success in the shallower water. We stayed with the cranks Jim found a big pod of fish off the southeast corner of Kelly’s where he and Tracy had two awesome days while I struggled on Tuesday and Wednesday. I did make a run up to West Reef with Bob and Adam where we marked some nice fish but were unable to get them to bite. Our biggest walleye was right at 31 inches with multiple 28 inch plus fish! Then, the BAD happened–strong winds from the south had us playing it safe on Thursday. Jim, Bob, Tracy, and I headed to Cleveland and went through the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where we spent most of the day enjoying the music and displays. Chris, Matt, Justin, and Adam went for the wild rides at Cedar Point Amusement Park! The winds shifted to the northeast, even stronger than the day before, so we opted for safety and drove home Friday, the 19th. All and all, a great trip to fish with family and good friends plus enjoy each other’s company over evening meals and the day outing! Lake Erie–we’re coming back next year–but, please, be GOOD!! Hope you enjoy this report, the pictures, and continue to follow me on my personal Facebook page! Thank you, Spike

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