Reader Dennis Plaehn Hits Lake Erie

Because of the forecast we had to leave a day earlier than planned. So I called my fishing partner at 5:30 AM and said we have to go now. Not having packed, it was a scramble to get ready and hit the road. I am from Marshalltown and my fishing partners Carl Carlson and Bill Millard are from Altoona so we decided to meet in Grinnell and it was off to Huron, Ohio from there. My friend from Ohio, Doyle Campbell, called and said that his fishing buddy had to cancel due to family things so I decided I was going to jump in with him for the three days.
We set up Saturday morning and on the first pass took four nice fish. We finished good that day with Bandits, Reef Runners and perfect 10’s assisted with a 2 oz snap weight 30/30 getting the job done. We went back to the same area Sunday and it seem to slow down. We moved around and was able to pick away at them and put nine in the box. Monday started out kind of slow we only had six in the box at 1:00. We decided to pull our equipment and moved to deeper water which turned out to be a great move. We just got set up and had a double and steady action for the rest of the day. Reef Runners and Bandits were our heavy hitters. What a great way to end the trip. Had a great time on mother Erie and met a lot of top notch anglers who share the same passion as I do for walleye fishing. (Fish on !!!!)

Dennis Plaehn – Marshalltown, Iowa.

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