There are three sizes of fish: Small, Medium and the one the got away. -Ralph Kitson reports Aurora, South Dakota

It is snowing outside, so I thought it will be a good time to write my last open water fishing report for this year.   So, here it is.

The last month and half was very good.  Lake Sinai and Poinsett has blessed us with jumbo perch, pike, trophy smallmouth, walleyes and other species of fish.  I heard that the night bite on these lakes is going great with 6 to 10 lbs walleyes being caught.   81 ponds was also producing big stringers of walleyes at night.   However, the bite did slowed down this past week.   Very few reports for these lakes.   Maybe the full moon had something to do with the slow bite.

Anyway, it is time to put the boat away for the winter and start to bring out the ice fishing equipment.   I need to re-string the poles, check out the electronics (camera and sonars), propane auger and check the shanty out to see if any mouse has made holes in the fabric.   If all things goes well, I should have report out in Mid – December about ice fishing.

Best in luck fishing,

Ralph Kitson

aurora-walleye chars-pike chars-walleye unnamed

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