The Unofficial Aurora, SD Fishing Report


We have been fishing Lake Poinsett searching for perch in the past 3 out of 4 fishing outings. Our luck for perch on that lake has not been on our side. However, we did catch three nice 11 inchers yesterday.

Most of our luck has been for walleyes and smallmouth bass. If you want to catch anywhere between 50 to 70 walleyes or smallmouth bass a day, Lake Poinsett is the lake you want to fish. There is only one issue, most of the walleyes run between 11 to 14.95 inches. (For the people who don’t know, Lake Poinsett has a 15 inch size limit on walleyes) There are walleyes that do go over the over the magical 15 inch limit with our largest being a 17+ incher. The smallmouth bass runs between 10 up to 18+ inches. Last week’s outing we caught around 12 bass that went over 17 inches.

One more thing on Lake Poinsett, it has a nice population of crappies. We have been getting several nice crappies on each of the outings.

This past week we did head to Lake Sinai and we did have luck finding the perch. They run on the small size, but you can still bring home a nice batch for a meal.

That is it for now and good luck fishing.

Ralph Kitson