Tobin Lake Saskatchewan walleye action!

Hello all I was very fortunate to be able to fish Tobin Lake SK from June 6th -13th. I was invited by John Van Diepen Sr. from Sibley, IA he has 20+ years’ experience fishing the lake. His knowledge of the lake made it the fishing trip of a life time for me. We trolled and drifted with crawler harness’s being the primary and also did a little jig fishing with a leech. I was very impressed by the quantity of 29+inch walleye we were able to catch (I was able to get my personal best of 30.5 Thanks John). This is a flooded lake with a lot of timber so if you plan a trip bring plenty of gear with you. John recommended that we fish the big lake for big fish he was correct. We spent one day in the river and caught well over 100+ walleye ranging from 16-27 inches amazing fishing. The large fish population I contribute to regulations of the lake the slot is 21-34 inches and barbless hooks are required. If you ever have the chance to go TAKE IT!!! The Pictures are of John Van Diepen Sr. Eugene Van Stelton and Tim Ellerbroek.