South Dakota Fishing Report 5/24/2015

The past two days have been very good to us. Thursday started out cold and windy, so we decided to go to our catfish lake because the protection from the wind. As soon as we dropped our anchors, the catfish started to bite. We ended the day early when we limited out on catfish. The catfish range for 15 inches to 22 inches. On Friday, we got a late start. So, headed up to a lake that not too far away and I’m glad we did. The weather was warmer the day before and the wind was between 5 to 10 mph. First area we tried was one our favorite location on this lake, but only came up with one small smallmouth. So we decided to move and start scanning the bottom for fish or structure. We came across what looked like some old stumps and decided to stay around this area. Second cast brought in a 13 incher. The third cast after I released the 13 incher, I brought in a 18 incher. We fish this area for the next couple hours. Missing several bites and one that broke Char’s 8 lb test line. By the end of day, we kept 6 good eating size walleyes.

-Ralph Kitson
sd walleye