Dubuque Walleye Angler Trail Results!

Ranger/Evinrude Pro Chris Burns and his partner, Kenny Brenner, won the Walleye Anglers Trail event out of Dubuque’s Mystic Casino Sunday, May 17. Their team lead a total number of 28 teams in the “catch, record, release” event. They weighed five fish for a total weight of 37.51 pounds with their big walleye checking in at 8.84 pounds. “We pitched Hutch jigs tipped with chartreuse plastics to upriver wing dams,” Chris reported. The number two team of Josh Brestrup and Dave Flury, Jr. weighed five fish for 34.54 pounds. The two biggest walleyes caught by competitors weighed 10.45 pounds each! 28 teams caught and released 111 fish for a total weight of 515.80 with an average fish weight of 4.65, and an average weight per team of 17.79 pounds. Burns and Brenner earned 110 points for their win from W.A.T. Please go to the Walleye Anglers Trail website for the complete Dubuque results. Gary Speicher, NPAA #128 reporting.

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