2015 IFO Fishing Report!


The 2015 IFO (Ice Fishing Outing) trip to Lake of the Woods and Arnesen’s Rocky Point Resort is history!  This year’s group included John, Ralph, Steve, Cliff, Tracy, Tom, Mark, Joe, Dan, Bassel, and me.  We arrived at the lodge on Sunday March 1 and completed three days out on the ice.  Our first day was painfully slow so we requested a move on Day 2.  The guide took us out a little over 8 miles to new shacks which produced a total of 12 keeper fish we could clean and eat that night.  Unfortunately, for me, I took a fall in the ice shack and hurt my back so stayed back at the cabin on Wednesday.  Guess what?  Wednesday was the best day for the group that went out to another group of new to us ice fishing houses.  A total of 13 fish were caught with Bassel catching five of the keepers–he really has a skill in reading his Marcum and jigging the fish up!!  So, there were some fish we were able to bring home for our efforts.  Wednesday night saw us enjoying a meal at the Lodge and telling fish stories.  We all left Thursday for places in South Dakota, Wisconsin, and here in Cedar Rapids.  My doctor’s report on Friday morning and the xrays at Mercy Hospital confirmed I fractured three ribs as a result of my fall!!  So, be wary of slippery floors in the ice house and the folding metal chairs!!  Thanks to my buddies for helping me get home safely by taking over the driving duties for the “short” 12 hour ride home!