Dogskin Lodge Fishing Report

Dogskin Fishing Report from Jack Mitchell

From Tuesday, July 23 until Sunday, July 28, 2013 my fishing buddies, Jack Healy, Dan Haskins, Chuck Haskins, Ray Muneretto (Moon), Dave Clyne (Sam) and I enjoyed a fly-in fishing adventure of a lifetime. We experienced the “Dogskin Lodge” treatment. We had fantastic accommodations and tremendous service from the owners: Jamie and Sandy, all the guides: Mike, Matt, and Dave and, of course, all the others: Rachel, Brittany, Vance and Steve.

Dogskin Lodge is located in Manitoba and can only be reached by floatplane. It is well worth the effort! Fishing for walleyes and northern pike and catching and releasing them in large numbers is what you can expect. I, personally, managed to catch a few large northern. The largest being about 38 inches and 20 pounds. Chuck caught the largest walleye at about 26 or 27 inches. As a group we caught hundreds of beautiful, fat walleye! The highlight of the trip for me was catching a 19 1/2 inch “blue walleye”. Dan also caught a 15 inch blue walleye. Before this trip, I did not know that blue walleye even existed. They are now extinct in the U.S., but a few remain in the lakes of Canada. Our guide for that day, Matt, was so excited that we caught two “blues” in one day that he had to have his picture taken with my catch.

I would definitely return to Dogskin Lodge and would strongly recommend this lodge to any walleye fisherman!

Good fishing,

Jack Mitchell
Lockport, Illinois