Red Wing NWT Diary 2013

My brother Matt and I prepared ourselves for the first ever NWT event. We fished as co-anglers at the inaugural event held at Red Wing MN. This tournament has taken the place of the old FLW as all the “top” walleye fisherman are in attendance. I knew that it was going to be a tough bite based on what my pro fisherman father had reported to me. The pre fishing was difficult, as it had snowed just earlier in the week. The events meeting and check in was the best that I have attended. The treasure island resort did a great job as a host. The Red Wing Chamber was also in attendance. For my day one partner I drew Glenn Daugherty from Mokena IL. I had a great day with Glenn!!  We used two way rigs. These rigs allowed us to have 4 baits in the water as we worked a wing dam amongst other anglers. We picked up 7 fish, but only 2 were long enough to keep. We then fished a few other areas close by with no luck. We then moved to the big bridge, downtown Red Wing. We started using 7 foot medium action rods, tipped with number 9 Rapala’s. About a foot and a half up Glenn had another #9 tied to the line. This again gave us twice the opportunity. We caught one keeper fish just past the bridge. It soon came time for the weigh in. Glenn and I brought 3 fish, weighing just over 5lbs to the stage. This placed us both in 28th place at the end of the day. We soon realized that we both had a chance to cash a check, since 31st place would be the cut off. I want to thank Glenn for a great day on the water.   We left the stage from one of the later flights to weigh, Glenn looked at me and said, “I think your gonna like your day two partner”.  I did, it was the 4th place pro from day one, Korey Sprengel.  Korey was one of only a few pros to weigh a limit, just over 16lbs. There was a total of 43 boats that did not weigh a single fish. Day two started as I told Korey that he sat well in the tourney and that I was there to help him win!  Korey never showed any nerves and had a game plan. I looked at the back deck of his boat, it was well organized with loads of jigs…jigs that were tipped with different colored ring worms. He said we were going to go towards the rocky shore downtown. That’s what we did. As we pitched jigs I got a bite but quickly the fish came off as I reeled him through some tree limbs. Korey asked me some questions about weight and location. About 10 minutes later another bite!!  It was a 3 pounder. I was excited but didn’t want to yell. Korey came over and netted the fish. Soon I grabbed one for him. We worked this area for many hours, as 4 other tournament boats did the same. We then left and went hand lining, something I have never done. We ran chartreuse colored #9 Rapala’s.  The bite was on, as Korey and I reeled in our final 3 fish of the day on separate passes. We then went looking for upgrades.  It didn’t happen. We had a great day on the water and now we needed to weigh in and let the chips fall were they will. A limit, just over 10 pounds.  That was enough to secure the first ever NWT tournament win for Korey and a 12 place finish for myself on the co angler side. I want to thank the pros for all their hard work and effort, during pre fishing and the tournaments!!