Reece Eickert (12) With 8.5lb Walleye

Hi Gary we need buy essay recently met you in Davenport FLW tournament. You told us if we caught any good walleyes email you a pic.

Last night Reece told me he needed to go to the store and get new shad for walleye fishing, we went he picked out 2 or 3 diff

erent things and showed me these big shad and said he was gonna get a big one with them. He then talked me into buying him a new rod under the agreement he has to clean the bathtub-LOL
Today 11-4-2012

Reece and his dad went out on the river pool 14 and boy did he get a big one- 8.5lb walleye. Great job Reece, hopefully in a few years he will be fishing the FLW tour he is hooked on fishing!

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  1. Matt Speicher
    November 8, 2012 at 11:18 am

    Great Catch Reece, that’s a pig !!

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