The Biggest Walleye I've Ever Seen!

Jim Lyon sends us this incredible tale:

Gary…i was trolling at 4pm off one of the lesser known (and fished) shoals off Kingston Ont. It was a typical summer day with the sun high and hardly a ripple on the water…perfect walleye conditions. Trolling in 25 feet of water with Rapala deep Husky Jerks off the planer boards. Lines were set back 75 feet with the boards out 100 feet been out about an hour when i heard the line out alarm and looked to see the board underwater i figured that was a good sign. I grabbed the rod and felt it was obviously a good fish so i cut the kicker, only took a couple of

minutes to reel the fish in and as soon as i got him in the net the hooks came out. I knew it

was big so i got the Rapala boga with the certified scales. At first it went to 16 but then settled on 15. I was pretty pumped and put the fish back in the water and it swam right away. The fish was out of the water for less than a minute

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