Walleye Wisdom Honors A Fallen Fisherman.

Tommie Gun is what his friends called him. I called him my friend and neighbor. This past Thursday night we lost a true fishing enthusiast. He enjoyed taking trips on Lake Michigan and taking his kids out to the local pond where he lived before he moved next door to me. We talked before I left for Canada this year. He wished he was going with me, but knew that his fiancée Katie had plenty of chores for him here at home. Upon my return from Canada we spent time talking about the trip, and a few of the great stories. He offered help with the boat, and made sure that I didn’t

back it through the back wall of the garage. As I reflect back on my friendship with Tom, I wished that we had spent more time fishing together. That’s why

every time I’m able to spend time with my dad, brother, and friends fishing… I cherish every minute, because life is so precious…and for many, way to short. I appreciate walleye wisdom for posting this, in memory of my dear friend Tom. We will miss you. Chris


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    June 16, 2012 at 7:41 pm


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