Tom Harrison Reports From Green Bay!

Hi Gary and Walleye Wisdom readers —

I met a few friends (Doug and Larry) at Metro (Green Bay) Sunday morning (March 18th). We launched at about 8:30am. We ran to University Bay (Crows Nest) and trolled with 20-40 other boats in shallow water

(8 to 4 FOW). We had 3 bites (1 20″ walleye, lost something big, 1 drum). We decided to go to the west side of the lake. The water was much cleaner. We were pulling #5 flicker shads all morning in shallow water (10 to 20 feet behind the boards). We had 8 bites and caught 8 walleyes (17″ to 26″). The attached 26″ female t-boned a shad colored #5 flicker shad. She gave Larry a great fight. She was released unharmed (can’t say the same for Doug — his hands are bloody in the pix).

Great day on the water (surface water temp approx 50 degrees in shallow)!!

God Bless, Tom Harrison

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