Lake of the Woods 2012 Trip Summary!


This year is

one of best year’s we had at the Lake of the Woods. We caught more slot fish than any other years. At least 12 walleyes that were over 19.5″. We caught the largest perch of any trip, which was 14″ long with had seve

ral others being 13″ and over. Six species of fish were caught (walleye, sauger, perch, pike, eel pout and 1 tulibee).

The top fish for the trip are the following:

1. Larry K. 24 3/8″
2. Tom M. 22 1/8″
3. Bud C. 22″

1. Bud C. 17″
2 Tie Dan G. and Larry K. 15 1/2″

1. Tracy 14″
2. Ralph 13 1/2″
3 Tie Tom M./Mark A./Larry K./Tracy 13″

Trash Fish
1. Ralph K. 30″
2. Mark A. 29 1/2″
3. Tie Dan G./Tracy 26″

1. Tracy 27 1/4″
2. Ralph K. 24 1/2″

I am planning to have one more IFO meeting within a couple of weeks to discuss the trip and resort (likes and dislikes). So, start writing down your notes on trip.

Ralph Kitson
The Eel Pout King

Watch the Lake of the Woods videos here!

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