The Rock Man's Mille Lac Fishing Report!

Mille Lac walleye

John from Rocky Reef Resort in Onamia, Minnesota gives us the low-down on Mille Lacs action:

What a weekend I had this past weekend. First off, I want update you on the Wave Wacker last week. We had 5 fish for 6.09 lbs on day one. That put us in 22nd place out of 34 teams. Day two was a completely different gig. We had our 7 slot fish by 12:30 in the afternoon; they were all from 16 1/2 to 17 3/4 inch slots. That makes for a heavy bag of fish for 7 slot fish. So we made the decision to go up to 8 mile flat and spend the 3 hours we had left for the day, hunting for that super elusive and in my opinion, a luck fish over 28 inches.

We were only able to get one that was 27 3/4 inches long. What a heart break that was. I had visions for those last 3 hours, of hooking into that big fish and coming in with 6 heavy slots and a pig that would at the very least have given us 7 lbs for a total weight of over 18lbs and we would crush the field by 4 lbs and have come back from a devastating first day weight of 6.09 lbs to win the tournament. Well, that was not what happened, but there was a very high point to our tournament, we ended up getting the cool under pressure award for the biggest come back in standings for the tournament and got a check for 1,000.00 dollars.

Heck, 5th place only received 1,200.00. Jordan and I were very proud of ourselves, as a team in this sport for the past 10 years; we always give every thing we have to trying for the win. We finished 13th in the tournament overall, and came all the way from 22nd place on day one to 13th place on the final day. We over came such tuff weather conditions on both days with the wind out of the East, South East at 20 to 30 mph on both days. So it was a very ruff ride over and even worse on the way back. I think I have shrunken an inch or two from the pounding that my spine and my whole body took in those two days, and the foot was not very happy either. So what a great weekend it ended up too be up on the big lake, with the weather being so great and the bite being so good, what more could I ask for.

The bite is still on fire. We took all of our fish from out in front of the resort from 18 to 21 ft of water, with lindy rigs and bobber’s. You could use either a leech or a crawler, moving under ½ mph. They were just inhaling everything you put in front of them, they were not messing around. We did not even drop the line to them, we just stick feed them and the hookup was on. My computer went down on Friday night when I got back from the tournament when I went to turn it on to update the report and low and behold, the dreaded blue screen appeared and never left so that is why the webcam and the report have not changed since last Thursday. On Monday morning I was up at 6:00 am and down to my Uncles place in the cities to buy a new one that he had just built for himself.

There was no way to save the information from the older unit so we

just reformatted windows XP on the old one again and I will use it as a back up if the new one goes down. I was at least smart this time and had all of my files and stuff backed up on disk. I spent all day yesterday after I got home from the cities, loading all of the software back into the new unit so that I could give you this great report. You will also notice that the webcam up and running once again. So, that is it for now from Rock Central, I will be fishing in the one day shootout at Hunters Point on Saturday this weekend, it is just a one day deal that George Nitti from Hunters Point is trying out this year, so wish us luck once again.

Oh and I almost forgot, how about bout that Jeff Gordon win on Sunday at Pocono raceway. I mean you have got to love it, what a weekend, I think I am in heaven!

Be safe!

Have a great week
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The Rockman

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