Jim Clapp’s Crappie Report from Arlington, Iowa

Thanks to Jim Clapp who shared with us these photos of some beautiful crappies:

Crappie Report from Arlington, Iowa

Here’s Jim’s story:

The crappies were caught at the end of May during spawning. We were fishing
around the Chetek area chain of Lakes in Wisconsin. Using 1/32 jigs and no
weight, tipped with minnows and casting into the shoreline where there were
partially submerged trees/cover. Fishing with a bobber anywhere from six inches
to two feet deep in water about a foot to 3 feet deep. Kept moving along
shoreline until strikes occurred. Hit one hot spot that gave us about 25
crappies in the 9-11 inch range in a little over an hour and a half. Wife and I
limited out that day and filled our limit for the week on our last day of

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