Watch Video of Al Lindner Giving Keynote Address at 2011 NPAA Conference

Al Lindner, Hall of Fame Angler, Gives Keynote Address at 2011 NPAA Conference

Scheduled keynote speaker Jerry McKinnis, co-owner of BASS, was “snow-stormed” in Arkansas, and the airport was closed. So, Jerry was unable to make it to the closing moments of the NPAA Conference in Bloomington, MN on Sunday, January 9, 2011. Stepping in was Al Lindner, Hall of Fame angler, TV show host for 40 years and multi-species expert. He said, “We’re finally seeing the tables tip in the right direction after some tough times in the fishing and marine industry. There is cautious optimism at all levels.” He cited the record attendance at the conference, the positive signes in competitive fishing with more payout and early resgistrations ahead of past seasons, and the fact that the foundation of the sport–fish–are in many cases better than ever for bass and walleye. (Narrative courtesy of NPAA Media Release January 11, 2011)

Pat Neu, Executive Director of the NPAA, Wraps up the 2011 Conference

Walleye Wisdom caught the closing comments of Pat Neu on Sunday, January 9, 2011 at the final day of the NPAA Annual Conference. “It’s all about the sport,” Neu said, as he wrapped up the conference. He emphasized how the NPAA would continue to grow the sport (numerous youth events), protect the sport (legislative watchdogs by state), be stewards of the sport (cooperative invasive aquatic species education in conjunction with Supporting Partners the US Forest Service and Sea Grant), and expand to all species and all anglers. “We’ve done something many people said couldn’t be done in this economy,” Neu said. He encouraged members to work hard at recruiting new members to the organization during the coming year–reaching out to anglers throughout the United States. (Part of Narrative Courtesy of NPAA Media Release January 11, 2011)

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