Tracy Hayward talks Nestor Falls crappie

Did you ever fish a spot that surpassed what you have been told about it?

We were fishing out of Young’s camp outside of Nestor Falls, Canada on the Lake of the Woods for crappie and walleye. Wednesday’s weather allowed us to make the hour run to just that kind of spot. (The Elbow) Known for nice crappie. Our two boats (seven fisherman) were the first to arrive (8AM). The water temp was 54, the sky blue and the wind light. We were into the fish as soon as our lines were in the water. The fish were suspended off the bottom in water 18-28ft. Two inch tube jigs did the trick.

Four hours later, the fishing slowed when it clouded over. There were now 25 boats fishing this spot. Our two boats had filled our seven man limit of crappie ranging between 12 and 14 1/2 inches. We boated 150+ crappie, a few nice walleye and northern. We kept our limit, threw back the rest and left the elbow to the other fishermen. It was a smooth ride back to camp.

Thanks for the update Tracy! Here are some pictures of those fine Nestor Falls crappie!

Nestor Falls crappie and walleye

The gang show off their catch of the day.

A truly enormous Nestor Falls crappie

A couple beautiful crappie

Two more huge crappie courtesy of Nestor Falls.

Two more huge crappie courtesy of Nestor Falls.

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  1. Gspeicher
    October 1, 2010 at 4:00 am

    Way to go Tracy, Bill, and the gang!! Glad you got on ’em!! Thanks for the pics and story. Spike

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