Attention Tournament Anglers

We received this important message from Pat Neu, Executive Director, NPAA, and want to pass it on to all tournament anglers who are stakeholders in the future of competitive walleye fishing:  “Attention Tournament Anglers:  this year more than any in recent memory it is critical for you to get out and fish.  Tournament organizations need angler numbers to attract and keep their sponsor/partners.  The industry and non industry sponsors are watching tournament angling very closely.  Their budgets remain tight and they want to make sure they use their promotional budgets wisely.  If you enjoy tournament angling and want to see continued opportunity to participate in tournament events in the years to come, make sure you support any tournament events you can this year!  Committ to them early and talk your fishing buddies in to doing the same.  Each of you can make the difference for the sport moving forward!”  Thanks, Pat, for this important message.  Spike

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