Tin or Glass-what’s the Best?


The debate goes on each year in the Spring as anglers who itch for a new boat (or new to them boat) evaluate the pros and cons of aluminum versus fiberglass.  Each boat has their strengths and weaknesses.  I’ve owned both–the big Lund you see above plus a nice Ranger 620 with Chris Burns for a couple years.  Glass is smoother on the open water and may be drier in the big waves.  Tin is more durable around the rocks of the Northland and the newer designs are definitely drier.  My recommendation?  Check out both.  Think about how you will use the boat for fishing and family fun.  Take a test ride with a dealer or a buddy who has one.  My Lund’s have been purchased at Kennedy Marine here in Cedar Rapids where they are serviced on a regular basis.  Chris Burns’ Ranger 620 was purchased at Bob’s Marine in Belleview, Iowa.  Chris is a Ranger Pro and would be happy to tell you more about his experience with the glass boat.  Just leave a remark and we’ll followup!  Tin or glass-whichever (or both!) works the best for you!  Spike  (P.S.-Check out our links to both Lund and Ranger on the sidebar to learn more.)

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