When to Use a Slip-Bobber: When You Want to Catch’em!

Greg Bohn is a long-time fishing guide in northern Wisconsin.  The past few nights I’ve been reading his book from the mid-80’s about catching walleyes in the wood.  It reminded me of his presentation about slip-bobber fishing Greg put on at one of Ted Takasaki’s Walleye Masters Institute in Chicago a few years ago.   I bought Greg’s new book at the seminar and ended up buying his red “bead” kit plus a bunch of his jig set-ups when Lindy made them available.  That little red faceted bead right above the hook really captures light and turns on the walleye “red-light” district!!  Greg’s book should be in your walleye fishing reference library.  He’s known for catching fish in places others avoid with the way many of us first learned how to fish!  So, when do you use a slip-bobber?   When you want to catch’em!!  Spike

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