Marty Barski Catches a Walleysky!

Pretty corny, huh?  Our good friend from Chicago, Marty Barski, was Chris Burns’ co-angler partner during the 2009 FLW Walleye Tour events.  Marty and I did some prefishing before the FLW event at Red Wing together to see if we could find some additional spots for Chris.  We were out in my “Middle Lund” pulling some three-ways through a nice hole just off the main channel when he started catching them.  We actually were bringing the fish up along side the boat and letting them go because there was another pro in the area we didn’t want  to see how we were doing.  After he left, we were able to catch a few more and get some nice pics.  Pre-fishing before a tournament forces you to try new spots and techniques.  The FLW Walleye Tour tournament out of the Mississippi this year is fishing Pool 3 only.  The May event will force the pros to leave the familiarity of Pool 4 spots and find some new ones upstream.  I’m looking forward to sharing how we do as the tournaent days unfold.  Thanks for the nice fish that special day, Marty Walleysky…I mean, Barski!!  Spike

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