Walleyes right off the dock.

Catching 'em off the dock at dusk at Timberlane Lodge.

You don’t always have to venture far to catch big walleyes. As you can see, this walleye was taken just off shore. Hungry, opportunistic walleyes will concentrate around any type of structure that attracts bait fish regardless of whether it is man-made or naturally occurring. Docks provide a current break that attracts these bait fish and walleye can be routinely found in the neighborhood. Favorite spots are at the very front of the dock where the water passes underneath or at the calmer tail end where the flow is disrupted. The dock featured in the above picture is situated on the English River that drains out of Lac Seul. Walleyes will try to pick up any bait fish that are more easily disoriented by the shifting cross-currents that occur under and around these structures. Working a slip-bobber in the slack water behind the dock or just along the seam is almost guaranteed to produce. Especially in the early morning and the late evening when foot traffic on the dock is at a minimum.

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